Primera price

Average price: £1,052

General Stats

This chart shows the evolution of Nissan Primera prices since the registration date of vehicles.

This chart shows the Nissan Primera average price according to the mileage of the car.

This chart shows the distribution of diesel or petrol motors in new and used cars.

This chart shows how many doors the cars that are currently in Trovit Cars have

Note: This list only includes the car models on which Trovit has enough information to be able to calculate an accurate average price.

Sample used for the Nissan Primera calculations

  • Number of cars for sale: 1,256
  • Number of cars for sale with specified year of registration: 1,111
  • Number of cars with specified mileage: 887
  • Number of cars with a specified kind of fuel: 1,080
  • Number of cars for sale with specified number of doors: 436